The K Desktop Environment

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10. Questions, Answers, and Tips

10.1 Will this program compile with Qt-2.0?

Yes, but you have to use the Qt-2 version of this program. Go to the homepage and follow the instructions.

10.2 Printing to disk using postscript takes ages to complete!

This is especially true on systems where you print to a disk or directory that is mounted with NFS. It seems that the printing code of the Qt-library does many small file operations (queries) while printing. This is not good when disk access is slow which it can be with NFS. Try to print to a directory that is not mounted with NFS. /tmp can be a candidate.

10.3 Exported HTML is sometimes hard to inspect in a browser.

It is difficult to make a format that every browser (new and old) on the planet accept. Generally, with the format that is produced now, make sure you adjust the browser width to match the table width.

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