The K Desktop Environment

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2. Installation

2.1 How to obtain KHexEdit

Latest version of KHexEdit can always be downloaded from its home page or from the KDE main FTP server at or one of its mirrors. Until KDE 2.0 is ready this package will be compatible with KDE-1.1.x as well as the a KDE 2.0 based version.

KHexEdit is also a part of the KDE projects cvs distribution. This version is based on the Troll Tech's Qt-2.0 widget set.

2.2 Requirements

The current version has been developed using Qt-1.44 and KDE 1.1.1. There should neither be a problem using it with Qt-1.42 and KDE 1.1 nor any other KDE 1.1.x version.

All required KDE libraries as well as KHexEdit itself can be found on

2.3 Compilation and Installation

Compiling KHexEdit is very easy. The following should do it:

% ./configure
% make
% make install

If you run into problems please report them to the the author Espen Sand or to the KDE mailing lists (Take a look at Your question might already be answered).

Normally you must be root (have administrator privileges) to successfully do the "make install" step.

Note that you can specify a number of options to "configure". A common option is "--prefix". Using this option you can specify where your KDE base directory is. Common arguments to this option is "/opt/kde" or "/usr/local/kde". "configure --help" lists all available options.

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